Cross/ enduro rims

Cross/ enduro rims

High Performance

Off-Road Wheels

Rock Off-Road Wheels

These wheels have been developed with many technical advantages over traditional spoke wheels. 

Dispensing with the nipple connecting the spoke to the rim, “Rock” wheels offer a significant reduction in weight in the outer rim area, an important technological innovation that can be experienced immediately in the motorcycle's high levels of repsonsiveness and turning.

  • Hub is machined from solid block, can be experienced immediately in the motorcycle’s highlevels of responsiveness and turning.
  • Straight spokes offer higher resistance, consequently, the number of spokes has been reduced from 36 to 32



General Technical Advantages:

Higher Resistance to the 3 Traditional Wheel Stresses:

          1. Radial: Impact and jumps
2. Lateral: Directional changes
3. Torsional: Braking and acceleration


Weight Reduction :
  • No Spoke Nipples
  • Extremely Lightweight Hub
  • Reduced Spokes Numbers
  • Cleaning : No dust deposits around spoke nipples as with traditional Spoked wheels.



Rim Technical Advantages:

  • Marchesini “Rock” wheels use D.I.D. DIRT STAR RIMS;
  • 5 Axis Machining Technology;
  • The “Rock” spoke design eliminates the traditional punched spoke holes: This ‘Significantly Reduces’ rim machining timeswith consequential increase in ‘Rim Profile’ precision.
  • The “Rock” rims have clean cut spoke holes giving a more precise machined finish to the rims and reducing overall wheel weight & consequential inertia reduction;
  • Precise alignment of the spokes with the rim inner surface;
  • Every rock wheel rim is identical across all model applications.

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