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TCX R-S2 EVO Boots

More than just a simple styling rehash, the TCX R-S2 EVO boot is a significant design improvement over its predecessor the R-S2. Focusing on refining the fit, TCX has added a partial lace inner bootie that lets you fully dial down the feel around your ankle. Together with the Precise Air Fit System, the level of customization in fit and feel is unmatched. Carrying over the Metatarsal Control System and Torsion Control System, the EVO does feature subtle refinements to each in the effort to achieve a more natural feel while shifting and braking. Aimed squarely at the serious sport bike rider, the TCX R-S2 EVO is all things considered one of the best race boots you can buy.

MCS:  The Metatarsal Control System® has a polyurethane structure with a flexion point in the metatarsal area that adheres more fully to the foot and gives give the freedom of movement needed for riding, while guaranteeing maximum protection in the event of an accident. The system has been designed to control metatarsal flexion upwards and downwards with two stopping points designed to prevent damage to the joints. The concept of safety is further emphasized by an internal polyurethane structure connected to the M.C.S.® system to cover the side of the foot, offering maximum protection in case of impact.

Precise Air Fit System:  The system comprises an air chamber made from antibacterial, antiallergenic polyurethane that allows you to vary the volume through a pump inserted in the top part of the boot. The air chamber is divided into areas of differing thicknesses, designed to follow the shape of the instep and shank in the best possible way once inflated. Therefore, using this pump it is possible to gradually inflate the air chamber, adjusting pressure on the foot and therefore optimizing the fit. Finally, a brass and steel air valve allows fine adjustment and full deflation of the air chamber to make it easier to pull the boot off when you have finished using it.

TCS:  The Torsion Control System® allows lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle within its physiological limits, preventing excessive torsion and the risk of joint fracture. The CARBON TECH Torsion Control System® is an evolution of the T.C.S.® system featuring the introduction of carbon fibre. Its main advantages are a reduction in the overall weight of the boot, greater mechanical control of the ankle and leg and improved resistance in the event of impact. The new upper joint also improves boot flexibility, increases shin and calf protection and ensures more precise control of lateral and longitudinal ankle movement.

Fasten Fit Control:  Internal fastening system that features long lasting laces that are joined to the boot lining. It ensures that the upper wraps the foot, providing maximum fit precision and sensitivity while riding. The Fasten Fit Control system works in synergy with the Precise Air Fit System to offer a superior comfort and an adjustable fit according to the riders’ individual foot anatomy.

  • UPPER: micro fibre, breathable and high wear resistant; microinjected inserts, padded front and rear area for a better comfort and flexibility
  • LINING: AIR TECH breathable, double compound PU soft padding around the ankle area
  • REINFORCEMENTS: polyurethane shin plate with iron mesh air intakes; polyurethane shift pad integrated in the sole, internal suede heath guard to grant the maximum grip
  • SLIDERS: replaceable high-resistant alloy toe, rear and ankle sliders, polyurethane fixed calf slider
  • CLOSURE: zip and Velcro® brand closure band + elastic insert to allow a better fastening
  • FOOTBED: anatomic, extra light and breathable
  • MID SOLE: reinforced pp, differentiated thickness
  • SOLE: low profile, mono compound rubber sole with specific grip area

TCX R-S2 Evo boot

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