Monoblock caliper, strictly racing, machined entirely from billet thanks to the use of numerically controlled equipment. These calipers contribute to the highest performance possible with a bike caliper and are the result of precise design calculations, as well as the use of the most advanced metal machining technologies available. The caliper body houses 4 pistons with 32 and 36 mm differentiated diameter pistons which act on four brake pads instead of two.
The Brembo monoblock calipers made from billet are derived from Brembo’s great experience in racing which, crossing over into each phase of the production process, has allowed the mass/stiffness ratio and braking performance to be increased.
The presence of 4 brake pads provides better initial braking grip, quite a popular characteristic of this caliper with many riders.
For this type of caliper we recommend the use of a “low strip” brake disc. For more information contact your local distributor.
This Component is designed and manufactured to be used exclusively in racing competitions and, therefore, the product shall be installed  through specific adaptors not included in the packaging of the component and by highly qualified and competent professionals working in the “racing” field. Please contact our distributor for any further clarification.

Brembo Brake Caliper Technical Features
Usage For racing use only
Fixing dimension (mm) 108
Position Front
Caliper Body Type Monoblock
Fixing Type Radial
№ of Pistons 4
Piston Diameters (mm) 34
Disc Height (mm) 30
Caliper material Billet Aluminium
Surface Protection Hard Anodized
№ of Bridges 3
Hardware Material Titanium
Piston Material Titanium
Weight w/o Pads (gr) 660
Pad Shape R
Spare Pad Product №
Brake Pads Included NO
Offset (mm) 22.5
Recommended Brake Fluid DOT4
Notes <p>4 pads caliper<br />".60" left caliper<br />".61" right caliper</p>

Brembo 108 mm Radial Billet Caliper

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