• MRT Tire Warmer Digital

MRT tire programmable warmer "Digital" 

An excellent programmable tire warmer with a digital display


  • Carbon wiring for 100% reliability. Standard copper wiring becomes very fragile when high temperatures are reached, while carbon wiring can be twisted or crushed without any failure
  • Snake Wiring design from one side to the other and not parallel to circumference.
  • New Insulating materials for a top performance tyre heating uniformity.
  • Inner layer in NOMEX 100% certified.
  • External layer in gummy polyamide for an optimal temperature resistance.
  • Flame retardant material.
  • Side bands for rim heating: not only the tyre is warm, but also the rim, which helps maintaining the heat in the tyre.
  • Elastic circumferential closure for an easy in-out.
  • Equipped with a transparent pocket to insert labels (rider name, tyre type etc)
  • Programmable temperature:
    • Programmable temperature in both tires(20÷99°c).
    • Indication of time since set temperature achievement.
    • 2 heating velocities related to tire compound.
    • Delayed start option.
    • One display for both wheels for an easy setup and control.


Specific width for different tyre size:

  • Size S: front 110, rear 120, 125GP
  • Size M: front 120, rear 160-170, 250GP and supermotard
  • Size L: front 120, rear 180-190, 600cc and supermotard
  • Size XL: front 120, rear 190-195 (200 on wheel 16.5"), 1.000cc
  • Size XXL: front 120, rear 205 (215 on wheel 16.5"), 1.000cc and more.

MRT Tire Warmer Digital

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